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frr: upgrade to stable/8.1 release train
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The FRR community is pleased to announce FRR 8.0

In this release there are over 2200 commits from 91 different authors.

Please note that we expect to release a bugfix point release relatively soon after this release.

Changelog 8.1

Behavior Changes

  • Every node in running config now has an explicit "exit" tag
  • Link bandwidth in BGP is now correctly encoded according to IEEE 754.
  • To stay with old incorrect encoding use:
  • neighbor PEER disable-link-bw-encoding-ieee


  • Add "json" option to "show bgp as-path-access-list"
  • Add disable-addpath-rx knob
  • Add an ability to set extcommunity to none in route-maps
  • Add counter of displayed show bgp summary when filtering
  • Add knob to config cond-adv scanner period
  • Add route-map match alias command
  • Add rpki source address configuration
  • Add show bgp summary filter by neighbor or as
  • Add terse display option on show bgp summary
  • Allow for auto-completion of community alias's created
  • Bgp knob to teardown session immediately when peer is unreachable
  • Expand 'bgp default -' cmds
  • Extend evpn next hop tracking to type-1 and type-4 routes
  • Fix "no router bgp x vrf default"
  • Flowspec redirect vrf uses vrf table instead of allocated table id
  • Handle quick flaps of an evpn prefix properly
  • Initial batch of evpn lttng tracepoints
  • Limit processing to what is needed in rpki validation
  • Modify vrf/view display in show bgp summary
  • Set 4096 instead of 65535 as new max packet size for a new peer
  • Set extended msg size only if we advertised and received capability
  • Show bgp community alias in json community list output
  • Show bgp prefixes by community alias
  • Show max packet size per update-group
  • Split soft reconfigure table task into several jobs to not block vtysh
  • Store distance received from a redistribute statement
  • Update route-type-1 legend to match output


  • Fix sending of lsp with null seqno


  • Clear cache when shortcuts are cleared
  • Fix corrupt address being shown for shortcuts with no cache entry
  • Set prefix correctly in resolution request


  • Add debug commands for lsa all and route all
  • Add warning log for late hello packets
  • Add write-multiplier configuration
  • Don't update router-id if at least one adjacency is full
  • Extend the "redistribute" command with more options
  • Fix issue when displaying the redistribute command
  • Fix logging of border router routes
  • Json output for database dump show command
  • Link state id in lsa database json output
  • Send lsa update immediately when ospf instance is deleted


  • Fix crash when creating vlink in unknown vrf
  • Gr conformance fix for hello packet dr election
  • Print extra lsa information in some log messages
  • Rfc conformance test case 25.23 issue fix
  • Show ip ospf route json does not shown metric and tag
  • Summary lsa is not originated when process is reset


  • Handle pcinitiated configuration, main thread
  • Handle pcinitiated messages, thread controller
  • Handle srp_id correctly
  • If pce ret no-path to pcreq don't retry pcreq nor delegate


  • Add match ip-protocol [tcp|udp]
  • Add ability to set/unset src and dest ports
  • Nhg "add" edge case for last in table range
  • Start inclusion of src and dst ports for pbrd


  • Add tos/ttl check for igmp conformance
  • Allow join prune intervals to be as small as 5 seconds
  • Allow msdp group name 'default'
  • Fix register suppress timer code
  • Fix uaf/heap corruption in bsm code
  • Fix command "no ip msdp mesh-group member"
  • Igmp groups are not getting timeout
  • Igmp memberships are not querier specific
  • Igmp sockets need to be iface-bound too
  • Prevent uninited usage of nexthop
  • Support msdp global timers configuration


  • Add cli timestamp '-t' flag
  • Add error code if daemon is not running
  • Fix searching commands in parent nodes


  • Add "json" option to "show interface"
  • Various improvment to dataplane interface
  • Add message counts for show zebra client
  • Add nhg id to show ip route json
  • Add show command for ra interface lists
  • Fix ipv4 routes with ipv6 link local next hops install in fpm
  • Handle bridge mac address update in evpn contexts
  • Move individual lines to table in show zebra client command
  • Refresh vxlan evpn contexts, when bridge interface goes up
  • Update zl3vni when bridge link refreshed in other namespaces
  • Internal improvements


  • add "json" option to "show ip[v6] access-list"
  • add "json" option to "show ip[v6] prefix-list"
  • add "json" option to "show route-map"
  • Prevent grpc assert on missing yang node


  • Add msdp timer configuration
  • Fix bgp multicast prefix type
  • Mark a couple of prefix-list/access-list leafs as mandatory
  • Move multicast prefix type definition
  • Replace an empty pattern with a zero-length restriction
  • Rework pim msdp mesh group
  • Simplify msdp peer handling

Changelog 8.0

Major changes


Coming up in the next release:

Many users are familiar with vtysh's "walk up" behavior. If a command is entered which isn't valid in the current CLI context mode, vtysh will "walk up" to higher, more general contexts and attempt to evaluate the command there. In prior releases, this would happen if the command entered was ambiguous for the current context. This caused more problems than it was worth and so an upcoming release the behavior will be changed so that vtysh will no longer walk up when an ambiguous command is entered. Some users that have configurations which rely on this behavior may notice that their configurations no longer work. This should be a very small minority of users but please keep it in mind if you start seeing weird configuration issues in a future release. It's worth taking some time now to see if you're relying on ambiguous command walkup.


A new daemon, pathd, has been added. This daemon implements support for segment routing. Documentation is currently lacking, but there are example configurations to look at here (

EVPN Multihoming is now fully supported

OSPFv3 now supports VRFs

TI-LFA has been implemented in IS-IS and OSPF

Zebra now has the ability to dump netlink messages in a human-friendly format

LDP gained SNMP support


FRR uses libyang ( to implement support for YANG models and related functionality. In this release we've transitioned to libyang2 to provide both better performance and to receive better support from future libyang changes. Packaged libyang2 is provided in our Debian and RPM repositories.

All daemons


  • Add distribute-list commands
  • Fix memory leak in connected route handling


  • Add support for use of aliases with communities
  • Add support of tcp-mss for neighbors
  • Add support for EVPN Multihoming
  • Add ability to show BGP routes from a particular table version
  • Add support for for RFC 8050 (MRT add-path)
  • Add SNMP support for MPLS VPN
  • Add show bgp summary wide command to show more detailed output on wide terminals
  • Add ability for peer-groups to have ttl-security hops configured
  • Add support for conditional Advertisement
  • Add support for RFC 4271 Delay Open Timer
  • Add a knob to not advertise until route is installed in fib
  • Add BGP-wide configuration for graceful shutdown
  • Add support for RFC 8654 extended messages
  • Improve RPKI reporting as well as new show commands
  • Improve handling of VRF route leaking
  • Improve scaling behavior for dynamic neighbors
  • Improve LL nexthop tracking to be interface based
  • Improve route reachability handling with respect to blackhole routes
  • Improve SNMP traps to RFC 4273 notifications
  • Improve EVPN routes to use L3 NHG's where applicable
  • Improvements to EVPN
  • Improvements to update behavior
  • Fix various issues with connection resolution
  • Fix statistics commands in some situations
  • Fix non-determistic locally-originated paths in bestpath selection
  • Continue working on transitioning to YANG/Northbound configuration
  • Various bug fixes and performance improvements


  • Add distribute-list commands
  • Ensure received AS number is the same as ours in all situations
  • Properly validate TLV lengths in some situations


  • Add ldb-sync functionality
  • Add TI-LFA functionality
  • Add support for Anycast-SID's
  • Add support for classic LFA RFC 5286
  • Add show isis fast-reroute summary command
  • Add support for Remote LFA RFC 7490
  • Fix Attach-bit processing in some scenarios
  • Cleanup BFD integration
  • Various bug fixes and performance improvements


  • Add SNMP support
  • Support for LDP IGP Synchronization
  • Support for RLFA clients
  • Various bug fixes and performance improvements


  • Various bugfixes and performance improvements


  • Add nhrp multicast-nflog-group (1-65535) command
  • Add configuration options for vici socket path
  • Add support for forwarding multicast packets
  • Fix handling of MTU
  • Fix handling of NAT extension
  • Retry IPsec under some conditions


  • Add OSPF GR helper support
  • Add JSON support for various commands
  • Add summary-address A.B.C.D/M ... commands
  • Add area X nssa suppress-fa command
  • Add support for TI-LFA
  • Add support for BFD profiles
  • Add support for Traffic Engineering database
  • Add support for usage of DMPVPN with OSPF
  • Add clear ip ospf neighbor commands
  • Add YANG support for route-maps
  • Improvements to SNMP
  • Fixes for type 5 and type 7 LSA handling
  • Various bug fixes and performance improvements


  • Add support for VRFs
  • Add JSON support to a bunch of commands
  • Add ability to control maximum paths for routes
  • Add show ipv6 ospf6 vrfs command
  • Add support for BFD profiles
  • Fix to not send hellos on loopbacks
  • Cleanup area handling around interfaces
  • YANG support for route-maps
  • Various bug fixes and performance improvements


  • Cleanup trust of user input


  • Add support of SR-TE policy management daemon
  • Add optional support for PCEP to pathd
  • Integrate PCEP-LIB into FRR


  • Add set installable nhg command
  • Improve interface up/down event handling
    1. pimd
  • Add YANG integration
  • Add JSON support to various commands
  • Add BFD profile support
  • Fixes to IGMP conformance
  • Fixes to behavior surrounding Prune and Prune-pending
  • Various bug fixes and performance improvements


  • Fix interface wakeup after shutdown


  • Add ability to use Nexthop Groups
  • Add v4 redistribute watching
  • Add TED support
  • Various bug fixes


  • Fix nexthop handling in some situations
  • Forbid blackhole and non-blackhole nexthops in a single route


  • printf formatting cleanups


  • Add a show history command
  • Add show memory <daemon> support
  • Start deprecation cycle for address-family evpn
  • Display version with --help
  • Various bug fixes


  • Fix some crashes


  • Add JSON support to various commands
  • Add Human readable netlink dumps
  • Add L2 NHG support
  • Add support for LSPs to FPM dataplane
  • Add ability for other protocol daemons to install nexthop groups into the kernel
  • Add YANG support for route-maps
  • Improve scale performance when handling a large number of VRF's
  • Improve network namespace handling
  • Improve asic-offload handling
  • Improve FreeBSD interface and route handling
  • Improve handling of neighbors in kernel dataplane plugin
  • Improve label manager
  • Improve route-map processing
  • Improve debug-ability of routes and VRFs
  • Improve FPM dataplane plugin
  • Improve handling of reachability / nexthop tracking on shutdown interfaces
  • Improve EVPN support
  • Fix startup handling of set src X
  • Various bug fixes and performance improvements


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