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Keepalived Race Condition with Keepalived 1.2.2 on Vyos 1.1.7
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Keepalived 1.2.2 has a race condition where if I setup vrrp between two vyos nodes in a very basic setup, after rebooting the master node 2-3 times you hit a state where neither will become the master and the node with the higher priority will show a repeated attempt to transition to master and force an election continuously when you monitor vrrf. I am not able to reproduce it in the latest nightly builds which use keepalived 1.2.19. I've included a screenshot of a basic config which can be used to reproduce the issue. Second node just has priority 50. I believe in order to fix this keepalived would have to be updated in the 1.1.7 version.

The only reference I could find to this issue with keepalived is below:

image.png (397×642 px, 27 KB)

image.png (391×447 px, 12 KB)


Difficulty level
Normal (likely a few hours)
Why the issue appeared?
Issues in third-party code

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@dmbaturin can we update keepalived to fresh version in 1.1.x
or should we drop mark this as wontfix in 1.1.x?