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GRE Header flags drop packet
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On VyOS 1.17, when router receive a GRE packet with GRE Header with value not null, the router seems to drop the packet.

In some case, VyOS receive GRE packet with GRE Header set to 0x0020 or 0x00c0 and it doesn't treat it...

Is that a bug ? or how can I do to treat packet with flags field on GRE header not set to 0 ?



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Why the issue appeared?

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I tested with the last nightly build ... (Version: VyOS 999.201707042137)

Same result :-(


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Anyone can confirm this behavior ?

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Move this to 1.2
Will need to check
@NceAirport if you run virtualized router on vmware, make sure that you use VMXNET3 adapter as E1000 have issues with GRE

@NceAirport Are you connecting two vyos using a gre or vyos to other vendor?
Do these devices have a public ip address on their interfaces or an internal ip with direct routed link(no nat in the middle)?
How can we try to reproduce the issue?

no feedback for long time