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show vpn ipsec status returns incorrect information
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After creating two IPSec tunnels (using virtual tunnel interfaces) - "show vpn ipsec status" shows:

IPSec Process Running PID: 11537

0 Active IPsec Tunnels

IPsec Interfaces :
       eth0    (A.B.C.D)

despite the fact that there are two tunnels up and functioning correctly.

The same configuration in 1.1.7 does show 2 active tunnels.


Difficulty level
Easy (less than an hour)
VyOS 999.201706062137
Why the issue appeared?
Implementation mistake

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Pull request sent to fix this one.

This is definately fixed. Can we close this one?

We should, but somehow I don't have write access to this task. We should find a way to change the default permissions so that all maintainers can do that.

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