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Decide on the final list of packages for 1.3
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Now that's we are about to soft-freeze 1.3, we need to decide on the final list of packages we are going to keep there. If we keep a package, we need to create an equuleus branch in it.

  • vyatta-biosdevname (used by something, we need to document what used it and how)
  • mdns-repeater (do we need to build it?)
  • udp-broadcast-relay (do we need to build it?)
  • ddclient (are the fixes upstream yet?)
  • vyatta-webproxy (there was a rewrite going on, what's the status?)


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dmbaturin created this task.

vyatta-webproxy: 80% done, @cpo grabbed it since I had no time to continue for a while and put it on hold. I removed obsolete options which implies the need of a migration script. Ldap, AD, IP and user/passwd auth works, I removed caches, squidguard, include domain filters (just a list) and so on, but I stopped it now since it's been taken away.

Used for calculating initial interface order, to try getting a ordered list and not only the random init-order used by the kernel

Hi there,

I'd like to keep the Squid webproxy for various reasons - mainly caching and squidguard web filtering.

Thanks a lot!

  • Al
  • only missing part is squidguard. Smoketests are already live for the other parts.
  • ddclient 3.9.1 with cloudflare api4 support not in Debian Buster
  • udp-broadcast-relay -> there is no upstream Debian Package
  • mdns-repeater -> There is no upstream Debian Package
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@alainlamar We aren't going to remove web proxy support! I was only talking about the old package specifically—it's been rewritten in the new style.

systemd-container - easiest way to get containers rapidly into VyOS because all of the infrastructure (systemd) is already there.
We build our images with it, works fine.

Not sure about the 5.10 kver - anything out of tree is going to need some love for porting, and its not really been beaten up on very much in the wild.
The newest kernels have the newest features and the newest bugs. They cannot have run for any long period because they were only recently released, and the combination of changes going into each minor version is not comparable to the backports on point releases into existing LTS.
Given that this is a network operating system with significant uptime expectations, i strongly urge sticking to LTS kernels (and i dont mean kernels which will someday become LTS, but those already marked longterm for which a responsible maintainer, has been assigned).

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