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Add BGP as-override
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No matter what we think of it, it's actually necessary in certain setups...


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Agreed on the description.

It's required to implement this using VyOS:

AWS uses the same AS for all BGP peering in a given region. In order to redistribute the routes received from AWS over one VPN connection/BGP peer to the other ones (on the same AS), VyOS needs to rewrite the AS in the BGP advertisements.

This is an incredibly useful feature specifically because of the AWS transit VPC solution mentioned above (it's a great way to create horrible routing problems if you don't know what you're doing- but there are so many other ways to screw up with BGP that I doubt this a deal breaker).

With this feature we could create an AWS cloud-formation template similar to the one AWS provides for their Cisco CSR solution. The difference being this solution wouldn't cost $30k a year in AWS and licensing costs. That could drive a lot more interest in VyOS as a platform.

That said- does quagga even support this functionality yet?

@logan.attwood Yeah- I've seen that it's in the source but I'm running a Beta build from a couple of weeks ago and it does not seem to have made it into those builds (unless I'm doing something wrong).

This task is still open as well which leads me to believe it's not out there yet.

@logan.attwood this isn't included in the beta builds as it isn't in the "current" branch @dmbaturin said that he was merging it to current but it doesn't appear this was done on vyatta-quagga

I've merged the quagga pull request. Do you have implementation of the CLI for it, or shall I add it?

It's great that it landed in quagga! Really looking forward to the CLI implementation for VyOS.

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