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VXLAN interfaces don't actually allow you to configure most settings
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The configuration option "source-interface" maps to "src_interface" on the command line which is invalid, it should map to "dev".

The configuration option "source-address" forces the "nolearning" flag, which will break most switches with hardware vtep features. If we want to offer this flag, it should have it's own configuration.

Setting "remote" and "source-address" results in only "remote" being applied, even though "source-address" saves to the configuration.

Erroring out on "group" / "src_interfaces" should only happen when one of them is configured, not when the general configuration is incomplete. Otherwise the error message is rather cryptic.


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Thinking on this, should ("source-address" / "remote") and ("group" / "source-interface") be mutually exclusive? I cant think of any reason you would want both set to be setup on the same interface, I'm not even sure you can have both. Usually ("source-address" / "remote") would be used for unicast setups, and ("group" / "source-interface") for multicast. Seems like an either or, but not both, setup would be ideal.

Granted this may break existing configurations if users attempted to work around the issues i already laid out.

Breaking user existing configs should be a no-no. If the options can be used that way under Linux, then we should not restrict it if it is not invalid. If we intend to prevent it then we would need a way to warn users clearly and we have no framework for this ATM.

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