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Use LED modules to enable more visible feedback on VyOS hardware chassis
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Currently, visible feedback on hardware chassis running VyOS is limited to hardware controlled LED status change and very few triggers:

[email protected]:~$ cat /sys/class/leds/apu2:green:led3/trigger
none disk-activity disk-read disk-write ide-disk cpu cpu0 cpu1 cpu2 cpu3 panic mmc0 phy1rx phy1tx phy1assoc phy1radio phy0rx phy0tx phy0assoc phy0radio

None of these may signal traffic on "virtual" NICs like bridges, TUN/TAP devices and similar. However, it may be highly desirable to just "see" if a tunnel is up / has traffic on it or not.

This feature request enables the Kernel LED trigger modules that are curently available.


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Unknown (require assessment)
VyOS 1.3
Why the issue appeared?
Will be filled on close
Is it a breaking change?
Perfectly compatible
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Feature (new functionality)

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The LED assignment could be handled in a generic startup script where the hardware platforms and LEDs will be assigned

@alainlamar any chance to implement the reset button to clear the config?

Thought about some quirks. Did not touch the reset button yet but had in mind to use it as some ACPI power button to enable cold boot by pressing a button, not unplugging and replugging odd wires. Resetting the config by that button would be a waste of that button. You would have to hook up to the APU board by serial again in order to revive it. If you did so, you might as well just have moved away the bad config and reboot :-) Once I get a hang of how that reset button works (gotta look into the GPIO stuff), I'll open a new ticket. Maybe we can add some generic config wizzardry to set up LEDs and GPIOs once we get a good grasp on it.

However, for the LEDs, I have a prototype systemd service running which monitors HDD activity - and with the committed changes, activity of my WiFi bridge device as well (work in progress).

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