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Include iprange package in Vyos
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The iprange command is quite useful for working with prefix lists. Aggregating lists, removing duplicates etc.

When available, it is used by the WaterByWind provided edgeos-bl-mgmt project to aggregate blacklists.

It is possible that other users will want to use that script, or have other network lists they which to aggregate on device.

Given that the iprange Debian package is 31K and it is a network related package, I hope it could be included.


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@tjh How you want to integrate it with CLI or use it as a separate pkg?

erkin set Issue type to Feature (new functionality).Aug 30 2021, 7:06 AM
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Forgot to ever reply to this - I just wanted it added as a standard debian package so that scripts that depend on it can have it available without needing to be installed seperately.

dmbaturin triaged this task as Wishlist priority.Jan 8 2024, 7:07 PM
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Now that 1.4 is about to be released and 1.3 going into maintenance mode, we definitely will not include it in 1.3.6.

dmbaturin added a project: Restricted Project.Apr 4 2024, 8:14 PM

@tjh Do you still need this package? As it was relevant for ipset/iptables

iprange/stable 1.0.4+ds-2 amd64
  optimizing ipsets for iptables

No, this isn't required in 1.4, the script I was using isn't compatible with nftables and the built in support for GeoLocation enabled services is a better solution.
This one can be closed as well, thanks.

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