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Provide more information on the build branch in the version data
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In some situations it may be useful to know whether a build is made from an LTS or a rolling release branch. For example, error reports may use different wording and suggestions. Runtime error exceptions as implemented in T2186 should not offer an LTS build user to update to the latest rolling release since it's contrary to the goals of LTS release, instead it should offer the user to check for updates or build latest image from the same branch.

Right now there's simple not enough information for it.

Another thing that may be useful is build comments. If someone makes a special build, it's nice to have a way to remember what it was about, like "Experimental update to FRR 7.4".

The following fields can be included:

  • LTS vs rolling (based on git branch)
  • git branch name
  • Build comment


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