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two factor authentication for OpenVPN remote VPN tunnels
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add option on VyOS to authenticate using LDAP or RADIUS or Active Directory while connecting remotely via OpenVPN client. A desired feature of the functionality would be sustainability of the option with respect to image upgrades/updates.


Difficulty level
Hard (possibly days)
Is it a breaking change?
Unspecified (possibly destroys the router)
Issue type
Feature (new functionality)

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Hi Alex,

Do you have links to the relevant plugins, and configuration examples?
Do you also have any ideas for the CLI?

We do this a lot, having certificate + user auth for OpenVPN. Using this open VPN option, a custom auth script and extra packages:

openvpn-option "auth-user-pass-verify /config/auth/ via-file"

The LDAP auth requires these packages:

This is different but might be a little related - FoxPass publishes a one-line tweak to VyOS 1.0 to let them support two-factor authentication for IPSec VPN at
It would be nice to have this change possible via an option.

Here is a sanitised copy of the auth-ldap script. I never wrote it! Its just what we use :) It will need modifying to work

I think maybe we use openvpn dynamic challenge respons function for two factor auth.
Sms, email. etc.


Sample test config and python script

Edit: another example

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