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Upgrade path errors 1.1.8 to 1.2.1-S2
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When running an add system image <ISO> and rebooting the wlan configuration is not loaded into the configuration.

1.1.8 running config

wireless wlan0 {
    channel 6
    description "Cust: 111-SFF Wireless DHCP43 "
    mode n
    security {
        wpa {
            mode wpa2
            passphrase archigonic-showerproof-flanconade
    ssid 111-SFFWirelessDHCP43-OPAQWifi
    type access-point
    hw-id 00:0e:8e:78:98:58
    physical-device phy0

The above configuration is non-existent in the running config when 1.2.1-S2 boots.

1.2.1-S2 /config/config.boot

wireless wlan0 {
    address ""
    channel "6"
    description "Cust: 111-SFF Wireless DHCP43 "
    mode "n"
    security {
        wpa {
            mode "wpa2"
            passphrase "archigonic-showerproof-flanconade"
    ssid "111-SFFWirelessDHCP43-OPAQWifi"
    type "access-point"
    hw-id "00:0e:8e:78:98:58"
    physical-device "phy0"

When attempting to do

load /config/config.boot

I get the following errors:

[email protected]# load /config/config.boot
Loading configuration from '/config/config.boot'...

Load complete.  Use 'commit' to make changes active.
[email protected]# commit
[ interfaces wireless wlan0 ]
system : missing regulatory domain country code

[[interfaces wireless wlan0]] failed
[[interfaces wireless wlan0 address]] failed

Commit failed

Manually setting the regulatory domain after booting removes the error, but without doing so the upgrade path is incomplete.


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Tested on 1.2.5-epa1 own build ISO.

sudo cat /var/log/vyatta/vyatta-commit.log 
[ interfaces wireless wlan0 ]
Warning! system : missing regulatory domain country code

[ interfaces ethernet eth0 address dhcp ]
Starting DHCP client on eth0 ...
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