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Instructions to build libvyosconfig multiplatform
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The README of libvyosconfig should contain instructions to build libvyosconfig for other platforms. Then the Python library can be used on Windows, to serve applications that generates VyOS-configuration.

It would be great if the Docker-environment (from vyos-build) also builds libvyosconfig cross platform. Maybe using opam-cross-windows. The current build script only targets Debian.

I don't now if this is even possible, as I don't have any experience with OCaml.

My question at the forum "Build libvyosconfig for Windows?":


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This hasn't been possible because it links to vyconf, which makes a UNIX cultural assumption. However, I'm moving the tree handling modules and the parsers into a reusable library that can be used by both vyconf and libvyosconfig, and custom applications as well. Then it should be possible.

I've also tested creating executables for Windows through opam-cross-windows and it works well, haven't tried shared libraries yet though.