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use of local cache to build iso
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I have a machine running apt-cacher-ng which caches all .deb packages to be served locally.
I would like to be able, when building an iso, to get all deb's from my local source.

In normal debian machines you either set:

/etc/apt/apt.conf with the contents
**Acquire::http::Proxy "http://cache:3142/";**
of course in my case local dns is able to resolve the host "cache"

Or you could put the diversion in /etc/apt/sources.list like this
**deb http://cache:3142/**

This would save both traffic and speed when compiling vyos iso images.

Anyone willing to add this to the build process ?


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@fromport there is an option in the ./configure script tomspecify the Debian mirror you use. You should be able to simply point it to your mirror.

configure -h is a bit "cryptic" (imo)
It doesn't show the defaults, so i ran a regular configure and then editted the build/build-config.json

diff -u

-    "debian_mirror": "",
-    "debian_security_mirror": "",
+    "debian_mirror": "http://cache:3142/",
+    "debian_security_mirror": "http://cache:3142/",
-    "pbuilder_debian_mirror": "",
-    "salt_mirror": "",
+    "pbuilder_debian_mirror": "http://cache:3142/",
+    "salt_mirror": "http://cache:3142/",
-    "vyos_mirror": ""
+    "vyos_mirror": "http://cache:3142/"

That did the trick and I think shaved more than 5 minutes of my build time

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@rob probably good to add to KB this one

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