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Support for custom MAC addresses on a per-VLAN basis
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I am in a situation where I have two links through a provider that only assigns one IP address per MAC address via their DHCP. Because I do bonding, there is only a single MAC address on the bonding interface, and because of the lack of support for custom MAC addresses on per-VLAN basis, this has been causing problems, unless I use physical interfaces for each link.

I think there should be support for custom MAC addresses on per-VLAN basis in interface configuration modes. If someone can suggest a workaround at the moment, please do :)

A similar situation has also been described on EdgeOS back in 2014:



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Looks like this has been implemented in EdgeMAX as of v1.8.5:

"[Interface] Add support for setting MAC address on VLAN interface."

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Some more details from here

ip link set dev eth0.1234 address XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX

so we just need corresponding records in node.def

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