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Firewall commands are missing in wireguard interface CLI
Closed, ResolvedPublicFEATURE REQUEST


set interface wireguard firewall in/out/local functionality is missing


Difficulty level
Normal (likely a few hours)
Why the issue appeared?
Will be filled on close

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hagbard triaged this task as Normal priority.Dec 10 2018, 10:38 PM
hagbard changed Difficulty level from Unknown (require assessment) to Normal (likely a few hours).
hagbard changed the task status from Open to In progress.Dec 10 2018, 11:18 PM

I've tested that I can utilize the existing firewall functions/scripts which work, so I need to write a wrapper for it, but that will solve the issue. Shouldn't take too long.

@trystan next rolling image will have the functionality, if you'd like to manual install it, you can do so by installing
Thanks for your request and please let me know your results.

hagbard changed the task status from In progress to Needs testing.Dec 11 2018, 10:16 PM

I've installed on two hosts (virtual/cloud instance, and 1 physical) in,local,out rules all work as expected with default drop and firewall state-policy establish/related accepted.

Looks good! Thank you

Thanks for testing and confirming. @trystan

@hagbarg Sorry I haven't spotted this earlier and had to revert your commit! Please check out my commits: this is how it's been done historically. You would have to also add PBR templates so I see no reason for duplicating that, especially in light of planned firewall overhaul that will rid us from interface templates.

dmbaturin renamed this task from Firewall on Wireguard Interface to Firewall commands are missing in wireguard interface CLI.Dec 16 2018, 2:52 PM

Everything is still working/functioning in the latest RC (1.2.0-rc11)