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When DR is down, VyOS doesn't update routes.

Asked by ktty-kws on Apr 2 2018, 3:01 PM.


I configured ospf on vyos.

vyos#1 is DR. (priority 100)
vyos#2 is BDR. (priority 10)
vyos#3 and #4 are not DR and BDR.

ospf.png (548×800 px, 9 KB)

In this case, when I shutdown or reboot DR router, these vyos flush routing table and doesn't update there routing table.

Once BDR comes up, these router update routing table.

But in the case there is only DR(there are no BDR), these router work normal.
#I checked it with VyOS1.1.7 and 1.1.8 .

In cisco router's case, this situation isn't observed.

Is this normal or bugs?



Updated 2,027 Days Ago

Additional information.

When I shutoff DR router's interface, this issue doesn't occur.

It seems that this issue only occurs when DR router goes down.

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