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OpenVPN - mode server-bridge interfaces TAP
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based in official documentation , OpenVPN add a new mode how to created bridge interface ( TAP- to Layer2 frames). this requirement involved in change the structure and logic in our cli

--server-bridge args

A helper directive similar to --server which is designed to simplify the configuration of OpenVPN's server mode in Ethernet bridging configurations.

valid syntax in openvpn :

server-bridge gateway netmask pool-start-IP pool-end-IP
server-bridge [nogw]

version :

sudo dpkg -l | grep openvpn
ii  openvpn                              2.6.3-1+deb12u2                  amd64        virtual private network daemon
ii  openvpn-auth-ldap                    2.0.4-3                          amd64        OpenVPN LDAP authentication module
ii  openvpn-auth-radius                  2.1-8                            amd64        OpenVPN RADIUS authentication module
ii  openvpn-dco                          0.2.20231117                     amd64        OpenVPN Data Channel Offload
ii  openvpn-otp                          1.0-4-g47f8ccf                   amd64        OpenVPN OTP Authentication support.


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Unknown (require assessment)
Why the issue appeared?
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Feature (new functionality)

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