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SNMP - Implement FRR SNMP recommendations
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From FRR docs:

Routers with a heavy amount of routes (e.g. BGP full table) might experience problems with a hanging vtysh from time to time, 100% CPU on the snmpd or even crashes of the frr daemon(s) due to stalls within AgentX. Once snmp agents connects they start receiving a heavy amount of SNMP data (all the routes) which cannot be handled quick enough. It’s recommended (by several vendors as well) to exclude these OID’s unless you really need them

Oids recommended by FRR to be excluded:

  • ipRouteTable: .
  • ipNetToMediaTable: .
  • ipNetToPhysicalPhysAddress: .
  • ipCidrRouteTable: .

VyOS cli should provide options to include/exclude such oids from config.


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Bug (incorrect behavior)

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We can do it the same way

vyos@r1# set service snmp oid-enable 
Possible completions:
   route-table          Enable routing table OIDs (ipCidrRouteTable inetCidrRouteTable)

so by default they should be disabled

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