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Combine BGP reset op commands
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Currently we have the op commands reset ipv6 bgp <ipv6 neighbor> and reset ip bgp <ipv4 neighbor>.

I think it would make sense to combine the two into reset bgp <ipv4/ipv6 address> to more closely match what an operator would see with show bgp summary as well as the behavior of show bgp neighbors <ipv4/ipv6 address>.


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I can confirm that at least as of version 1.4-rolling-202207250217the op commands have been merged:

[email protected]:~$ reset bgp
Possible completions:
  <x.x.x.x>     BGP IPv4/IPv6 neighbor to clear
  1-4294967295  Reset peers with the AS number
  all           Clear all peers
  external      Reset all external peers
  ipv4          IPv4 Address Family
  ipv6          IPv6 Address Family
  l2vpn         Layer 2 Virtual Private Network Address Family
  peer-group    Reset all members of peer-group
  prefix        Clear bestpath and re-advertise
  vrf           Virtual Routing and Forwarding (VRF)