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Add support of reserved lease to dhcpd
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If you use dhcp static leases they are not visible in

show dhcp server leases state all

but if enabled dhcp monitoring you can see there


DHCP: Dynamic and static leases present for DHCP: Remove host declaration LAN10_host2 or remove DHCP: from the dynamic address pool for LAN10 DHCP: uid lease for client 00:0c:29:xx:xx:2d is duplicate on LAN10 DHCP: DHCPREQUEST for from 00:0c:29:xx:xx:2d via eth1 DHCP: DHCPACK on to 00:0c:29:xx:xx:2d via eth1

reserved lease could be good solution for this also

On ISC DHCP manual this is explained

If I understood correctly, reserved lease support could help to have more transparency and the logic of working would be more straight forward. Would be good feature to have and I know at leaste one more person than me that would benefit on this. :)

this is my first feature to suggest, so might contain weirdness.


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Being able to quickly see reservations in an operational mode command would be convenient, avoiding the need to pull up the config.