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"make xcp-ng-iso" still includes vyos-xe-guest-utilities
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I am building a custom iso 1.3 (including puppet agents). I just noticed that there is a way to make a xcp-ng-iso, which includes xe-guest-utilities instead of vyos-xe-guest-utilities.
Unfortunately the built iso still contains vyos-xe-guest-utilities.

I am building with docker inside vyos/vyos-build:equuleus:

git clone -b equuleus --single-branch /vyos
cd /vyos
./configure --architecture amd64 --build-by "[email protected]" --build-type release --version "$version" --custom-apt-entry "deb buster puppet6" --custom-apt-key "/tmp/puppet.gpg.key" --custom-package "puppet-agent"
cat data/package-lists/vyos-x86.list.chroot # Checking if file is untouched
sudo make xcp-ng-iso
cat data/package-lists/vyos-x86.list.chroot # Checking if make xcp-ng-iso really exchanged the packages

While the build runs fine, it seems that vyos-xe-guest-utilities is still included instead of xe-guest-utilities.
Please see the build log below. It seems regardless of the contents in vyos-x86.list.chroot, apt still installs vyos-xe-guest-utilities.

Am I doing something wrong?


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Unknown (require assessment)
Why the issue appeared?
Will be filled on close
Is it a breaking change?
Unspecified (possibly destroys the router)
Issue type
Bug (incorrect behavior)

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@sever I think you implemented that feature. Am I using it wrong?

@fetzerms Is xe-guest-utilities is present in iso image?
I'll look at it soon.

@sever To me it seems it's not even present in the iso and according to the dpkg logs it seems to install vyos-xe-version.

According to eipp.log (in the squashfs image), vyos-xe-guest-utilities are installed:

Package: vyos-xe-guest-utilities
Architecture: amd64
Version: 7.13.0+vyos1.3
APT-ID: 116996
Status: installed

Update: If I run

sed -i 's/vyos-xe-guest-utilities/xe-guest-utilities/g' data/package-lists/vyos-x86.list.chroot

before running configure, it seems to build the iso just fine and the management agent is reporting the proper version to xcp-ng. So the right package and version is installed.

@fetzerms Thanks, Could you test the crux build?

I hope I can find some time tomorrow to also test with crux. My current build job only builds the 1.3.x branch, but should be easy to adjust.

Ok. I just found out, that I had an error, when porting my changes to github.

But now its working with crux and equuleus.

equuleus: (another fix, regarding the path that I broke :-( )

As both PRs have been merged now, I'm resolving this issue.