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A review of the use of racist language in VyOS
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Can we please review our codebase for racist language and begin its deprecation? During deprecation, both the racist and anti-racist terms will be supported, but the latter preferred.

Please consider whether this is a worthwhile task for the project. I can put together a patch which would support the deprecation similar to the one[3] I did to change the license of the AllJoyn codebase.

According to [1], work published in academic journals has argued that continuing to use racially-charged terms prolongs racial stereotypes.

From [2], the use of such terms does not merely reflect a racist culture, but also serves to legitimize and perpetuate it.



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cjac created this object in space S1 VyOS Public.

For the record, people of all races are still being held in slavery. Calling it "racist" is an incredibly US-history-centric view.

Anyway, to the point, here's my position on the subject:

  • We will not change any terms that are codified by protocol standards. For example, the term "master" in the VRRP context comes from the RFC (however, there's no master-slave dichotomy there, it's master-backup).
  • There should be a specific task for every place where this kind of terminology exists.

If you find specific instances, please create a task for each one and we can discuss it there.

dmbaturin claimed this task.

I could not find any uses of "slave" in current VyOS versions. If anyone finds any, feel free to start a discussion. VRRP "master" terminology cannot be changed because it's a part of the protocol spec itself, and, as said above, its counterpart is "backup".