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l2tp: Delete deprecated outside-nexthop and add gateway-address
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left|rightnexthop param is deprecated in strongswan.

left|rightnexthop = %direct | %defaultroute | <ip address> | <fqdn>

This parameter is usually not needed any more because the NETKEY IPsec stack does not require
explicit routing entries for the traffic to be tunneled. If left|sourceip is used with IKEv1
then left|rightnexthop must still be set in order for the source routes to work properly.

In current ipsec+l2tp implementation we have confusing param outside-nexthop, but this is gateway-address uses as client tunnel termination point.
Propose rename outside-nexthop to gateway-address

vyos@R1# set vpn l2tp remote-access gateway-address
Possible completions:
   <x.x.x.x>  Gatway address uses as client tunnel termination point


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VyOS 1.2-rolling-201912020217
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